Шеге тне Lцçαгiσs Liνе Rρg Соммцηiτγ
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Wars Not over
Founder: If guests/members give me time to repair damage to replace all images to console end then I will reopen but it will take a long time an work to do so be patient. All current % progress on console fixed images for console
Current % progress On Console end fixed images on L-D 64% Overall
Currently % of fixed Images for console on L-D
1.Profiles/Avatars/Sigs: 100%
2 Main Topics an posting images:100%
3.Other Rpg Portals images: 100%
4.Forum topic Rpg images 4% 5. In game images for main forum rpg: 2%
Starting to work on fixing main forum rpg images within the forum but it will be slow due to me playing Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Now. L-D might not be worked on for this mouth because of the holidays so enjoy your holidays